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  • Debra's Favorite Writing Websites (free .pdf)
    Check out these 5 pages of writerly links for:
    - Places to Submit - Contest and Literary Journals
    - Conferences and Writing Events
    - E-zines and Newsletters
    - Writer's Guidelines, Funds for Writers, and more - Tampa Bay Area Writing Groups

  • Standard Manuscript Format (free .pdf)
    A template for preparing your manuscripts in the publishing industry's standard accepted format. For client's and student's use in submitting manuscripts for editing to WritingTogether.com

  • Simple Cover Letter (free .pdf)
    A template for preparing a simple cover letter to accompany a manuscript submission (memoir, essay, short story, or other creative nonfiction) to a literary journal.

for clients and students

Schaum's Guide to Writing Great Short Stories, by Margaret Lucke

Whether you're writing memoir or short stories, this must-have guide offers the simplest explanation of the critical elements of story structures.

I recommend it for all my classes and for all clients who work with me privately.

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Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer,
by Roy Peter Clark

The title says it all. Finally! Someone has put together the top 50 writing challenges for writers (and covers my personal pet peeves too). While the slant of Roy Peter Clark's how-to guide is more toward journalism than creative prose used in memoir and short stories, the teachings here are applicable to ALL writers who want to better their prose.

An essential on every REAL writer's bookshelf.

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The Synonym Finder,
by J.I. Rodale

My #1 recommendation for every writer's bookshelf. Better than a thesaurus, wiser than a dictionary, this is a required text for all who write and study with me. If you're ever looking for the right word, the perfect word, the one word that best defines the image you hold in your head, look no further than The Synonym Finder where you'll no doubt find THE word to perfect your prose.

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The Elements of Style,
by Strunk and White

Slim but powerful, this classic text on usage, punctuation, and grammar covers principles in composition and style in easy to follow, straight-forward entries. No writer is above referring to this as the 'go to' place when there's a question.

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Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

Every wordsmith needs an up-to-date hard copy dictionary. If yours is older than 5 years, you need to get a new one. Yes, the dictionary does go out of date. Usage changes, words are added. Serious writers consult the written book and don't rely on the computer dictionary.

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On Writing Well

A must-read for every writer who wants to write sleek, solid prose. William Zinsser's On Writing Well is a classic how-to.

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